Review Policy

As I am always determined to support authors (and publishers), I am happy to consider books for reviews. My reviews are always honest and fair, and they do tend to be slightly longer than average since I like to delve into all kinds of different issues in my reviews, as well as to explore character studies in some depth. I am interested in a wide variety of books, including non-fiction books, and my preference lies with thought-provoking books which have intriguing character studies, and maybe dark, existential or psychological elements. Please note that I am not interested in audio-books.

I review the following genres:

  • Literary Fiction
  • Classics
  • Modern Classics 
  • Contemporary
  • Existential Literature 
  • Historical Fiction
  • Adventure 
  • Suspense/Thriller/Horror 
  • Detective/Crime/Mystery Novels
  • Science-Fiction/Dystopia 
  • Fantasy
  • Graphic Novels
  • Non-Fiction (see this list for an idea of non-fiction I prefer).

I also love reviewing translated fiction falling into the genres above, particularly books translated from the Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian. 

To a lesser extent, I also review: 

  • Romance
  • Western
  • Short Stories
  • Comedy/Humour
  • Academic Literature (particularly books associated with law: legal systems, philosophy of law, law of evidence, criminal law, etc.)
  • Screenplays (since my background is also film criticism, I am happy to review screenplays).

I do not normally review: 

  • Young Adult 
  • Children’s Literature 
  • Self-Help Books
  • Plays
  • Poems 
  • Erotic Literature.

I always provide in my reviews a source from which I received a book, and review books within a reasonable timeframe. I am on goodreads and twitter, as well as am part of The Book Blogger List. For my current reading challenges, see the list here

Thank you for your interest!